Ganesh Kumar tries to rebrand himself

Glint Desk
Sun, 21-01-2024 03:10:10 PM ;

K. B. Ganesh Kumar, the Minister of Transport in Kerala, garnered attention for transport matters even before assuming office. It appears his primary focus is building up a new image for him rather than discharging his duty as a minister . Particularly when the government's face is tarnished following allegations against the daughter of Chief Minister. His arbitrary decisions on issues such as e-buses and their fares have raised a controversy in the LDF itself.
Examining why Ganesh Kumar is keen on rebranding is intriguing, especially considering his highly exposed family and personal life. He resigned from the last UDF government led by Ummanchandi due to an incident leading to his first marriage's divorce. The public vividly remembers the physically injured Ganesh Kumar's account of an alleged attack at his ministerial residence, linked to someone displeased with his behavior. His late father, R. Balakrishna Pillai, publicly expressed dissatisfaction with him serving as the party's representative.
His current statements and actions appear as a desperate attempt to overhaul his image, portraying himself as more astute than current cabinet members and his predecessor.