Glint Desk
Sun, 24-12-2023 05:30:10 PM ;

The Navakeralasadas conveys a series of messages to the general public in Kerala:

1)Moving forward, the law and order situation in Kerala will be determined by the preferences of the SFI-DYFI, with the police providing essential support.

2)Neither ministers in the cabinet nor members of the Left Democratic Front will raise objections to the Chief Minister, even if his statements seem illogical.

3)There's no justification for providing cover to hooligans engaging in criminal activities.

4)The public should unequivocally accept the dominance of the SFI-DYFI.

5) Despite the unprecedented financial crisis the state passes through,ignoring the public discontent and criticism, the government would move ahead with its overspending spree.

These are some of the powerful messages directed towards Kerala society.