The essence of cultural minister Saji Cheriyan

Glint Desk
Tue, 02-01-2024 07:10:40 PM ;

If words are the essence of man, what is the essence of Saji Cheriyan, the cultural minister of Kerala? Not long before he assumed office, he publicly criticized the Indian constitution, claiming it was originally designed to safeguard the interests of the upper classes and exploit the downtrodden. This statement led to his resignation, but, favored by Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan, he was reinstated after a brief interval. Despite past experiences, he continued making controversial remarks,most of them deregatory .Recently, he insulted Christian bishops for attending a Christmas celebration hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He implied they ignored violence against Christians in Manipur, drawing criticism even from his own party. Realizing the gravity, Cheriyan, as before, offered explanations, insisting he didn't intend to hurt religious leaders. These statements reflect his cultural leanings, exposing a lack of a cultural minister in Kerala whose words embody social sophistication in a democracy.