Stagnant political state pushes Kerala into violence

Glint Desk
Wed, 20-12-2023 07:10:10 PM ;

Kerala's political landscape appears to be stagnant, reflecting the mindset of the general populace. In critical situations, the prevalent response is often violent, cutting across age groups from teenagers to senior political leaders. Despite political rhetoric, parties and leaders often exhibit behavior resembling street-level conflicts.
It is high time for those interested in anthropological studies to delve into the serious challenges facing Kerala society. While the state excels in areas like literacy, living standards, and healthcare infrastructure, the average Malayali's temperament contradicts these achievements.
Kerala now grapples with contradictions, holding top positions in literacy but also leading in per capita liquor consumption. Despite the Supreme Court's concern over this paradox, the government exploited technical loopholes to proliferate liquor outlets throughout the state. Substance abuse, now prevalent even among sixth-grade students, poses a serious and alarming issue in Kerala.