Shelja P.R
Wed, 03-10-2018 01:50:20 PM ;


"Death lies on her like an untimely frost upon the sweetest flower of all the field." (Romeo and Juliet). Each time when death sounds, remember this sentence. Because every flower in this world is unique and precious. Yes….Thejaswini and her musical dad were also sweetest flowers and death lie on them like an untimely frost!


His lovely smile always danced like his violin strings that healed the souls when he wields. It was the spirit that rhapsodically cherished his audience. It is the musical bond that ties him and people who didn’t even meet him at least once.


Spiritually standing with Lakshmi Balabhaskar, saying that his music will bring back you. His music will refill you and the heavenly music can only be with you lifelong.


Most of the musicians fail to stay on stage shows when they get into the mesmerizing world of cinema. But Balu never addicted to film industry and he tried to explore violin strands in music. Everything came to his life as early as possible. Violin itself is the best example because it happened in his 3rd age. Music direction when he was 17, bands like, ‘Confusion’, ‘The Big band’ and the ‘Bala leela’ and even the musical love and marriage with Lakshmi too. The only gift that made them awaited for 14 years is ‘Jani’ his daughter. Maybe he forgot to sing a beautiful lullaby for that angel and believing that he went to play it for her.


An instrument becomes a passion and that passion strives into a beat of hearts is truly an honor for a genuine violin wizard like him. Fusion music made him renowned, but he traveled behind Karnatic at the same time and never left it even when he went through experiments in modern music.


Nobody will ever call a person a genius until the person gets disclosed as they expect or go beyond their expectations. 40 years are beginning stages for a common man…but he has done many within, and we call him a maestro then. Let your music and life enlighten the paradise, and our Jani and we are waiting for your rebirth on earth as the same Balu with the violin strings.